Thanks for your memories.
Eat Cake! has had the privilege to be a part of countless special events. Thanks to our many wonderful customers who took a moment to share their cake memories.

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"We heard later that one guest of ours wasn't convinced that the cake was a fake and just for show until we cut into it — he was amazed at the perfection of the design!"

Kristy E.

"Its nice to know Milwaukee has such talent."

Tanya N. 

"Your cake was the best I have EVER had in the U.S., and I have to eat when I travel... sweets are at the top of the list."


"Thank you for all you do! YOU ROCK!!!!

Tionne R.

"It became the object of many guests' wagers as to whether it was a real cake or not! People RAVED!!"

Lance and Myra

"There is so much to thank you for — where do we start!?"

Sarah & Jared

"Your cakes are not just cakes, they are an experience and fun for all."

Lynn C.

"You are incredible! Thank you — the cake rocked!"

Art W.

"You were also wonderful to work with, and that was very important. You could not have been more warm welcoming and hospitable."

Dan B.



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